About Us

About Us

This online learning portal, www.edu247.co , is operated by Eduintellec PLT. Eduintellec PLT is a training and coaching company focussing on the subjects of business, entreprenuership, personal development safety and quality management.

The portal is being developed as an extension of live courses being offered by Eduintellec PLT. 

Eduintellec PLT is a Human Resource Development Fund ( HRDF ) approved training provider.

Our Mission & Approach

Our mission is to provide the best possible training material suitable for current personal and business environment. The online training portal is way for us to make our training material accessible to a broader audience not limited to where we normally have our live training program.

Our trainers are all qualified and experts in their respected fields. They are all trainer as Professional Trainers and Certified by Human Resources Development Fund ( HRDF ) . 

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